Acoustic glazing for aluminium windows and doors


Acoustic interlayers are laminated between toughened pieces of glass to produce a glazing unit with much improved acoustic performance.


Rw: Weighted Reduction, which incorporates a correction for the ear’s varying sensitivity at different frequencies. This is measured in decibels (dB), e.g. the performance of a 6/12/6 insulating glass unit is Rw = 33 dB.

C is the adaptation term for medium to high frequencies such as radio, TV, etc.

Ctr is the traffic noise reduction adaptation factor that must be added to the Rw to provide the Ctr,


e.g. the performance of a 6/12/6 insulating glass unit is now written as 33(-1;-3) = Rw(C, Ctr), where Rw = 33, C = 32 and Ctr = 30.


Example configurations for sound insulation values 

Glass typeNoise reduction values