Aluminium Fire Exit Doors

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Aluminium fire exit or escape doors are used for where emergency or panic escape is necessary. The fire exit doors we manufacture from Reynaers CS 77 and Masterline 8 door systems meet BS EN1125 standards for panic exit devices or BS EN179 for emergency exit hardware and also offer modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We supply custom made aluminium fire exit doors fitted with panic or emergency hardware for a quick escape and additional security. All door hardware, sizes and other features are specified by your project needs.

Profile specifications

  • The door is made of Reynaers CS 77 or Masterline 8 thermally broken aluminium profiles
  • Overall system depth window: 77mm
  • Maximum dimensions (Height x Width): 3000 x 1300 mm

Opening Types

  • Single leaf door (open outward)
  • Double leaf door (open outward)

Colour and Finishes

  • Full range of polyester powder coating RAL colours
  • Anodised finishes
  • Dual colour option offering a different colour inside and out.

Thermal performance

  • Depending on the profile and glass combinations, excellent thermal performance levels can be achieved.
  • Both CS 77 and Masterline 8 doors are available in different thermal insulation levels: Standard, HI, and HI+. (While the frame shape remains the same, different insulation levels are achieved with internal thermal break materials and seals.)


Specified by project requirements, Reynaers fire escape doors can be fitted with a wide range of locks, handles and hinges.

  • 3-part slimline barrel hinges or other options
  • Cylinder: keyed external, thumb turn internal
  • Panic exit hardware: Horizontal push bar or touch bar,
  • Emergency exit hardware: Push pads or lever handles,

Panic Exit Hardware (BS EN 1125)

Panic exit hardware is used for escape doors in public buildings where people are probably unfamiliar with the building and may panic if they need to evacuate. Examples are schools, shopping centres, hospitals, theatres, sport facilities, and restaurants. Panic exit doors are operated by a horizontal bar such as push bar or touch bar. 

Emergency Exit Hardware (BS EN 179): 

Emergency exit hardware is used for emergency doors in buildings that are not open to the general public and occupied only by staff or other persons who are familiar with the exit doors and have been trained in emergency escape procedures. Examples are offices, factories, and other working environments. Emergency exit devices are operated by lever handles or push pads.

Safety & Security

  • Reynaers CS 77 or Masterline 8 doors come in RC2 or RC3 security options

Glazing Options

  • Double glass option
  • Triple glass option

Get a Quote for Your Project

  • If you have a residential or commercial project that needs aluminium windows, doors or curtain walls, just get in touch and we will be pleased to provide you with a detailed quote.
  • If you are an architect and would like to specify Reynaers products for your projects, we would be pleased to provide you more details about Reynaers products.


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