Aluminium windows opening types

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Windows are a key part to any house or building. The main functions of windows are letting natural daylight, providing ventilation and connection to outside. In addition to these classical functions, the windows have to meet aesthetic, energy efficiency, accoustical and security requirements. So choosing the right windows are depending on many factors when you are building a new home or renovate an older home. Since opening type can change most of these functions of windows, it is important to select the right opening type when considering windows for your building project.  

Opening type of a window specifies how the window opens. There are so many different opening types for windows. When the windows are classified according to the opening types: 

  • Fixed windows
  • Inward opening: Tilt&turn, turn befor tilt, side-hung, top-hung, 
  • Outward opening: Side-hung (turn), top-hung, top-hung projecting, side-hung projecting
  • Sliding window
  • Folding window
  • Pivot opening 

Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and Turn windows have two different vent opening settings: tilt and turn opening. When the window is in the “tilt” mode the top of the vent opens slightly inward for a secure ventilation; and when in the “turn” mode the vent swing open fully like a side hinged window. Depending on how the handle is used, this window can first be tilted and in the second position, the window can be turned. That opening also called “tilt before turn” window.

Another type of tilt&turn window is “tilt before turn window”. The window can be first opened fully and in the second position, the window can be tilted for ventilation.