Fire exit door

Panic Bars (also called Push Bars)

Panic bars are specifically designed for use by members of the public who are unfamiliar with a building and who might panic if they suddenly have to evacuate the premises. Panic bars are very effective where large numbers of people are attempting to travel at speed through a fire exit as minimal pressure on the bar releases the locking mechanism, which can be a latch and / or vertical bolts.

Push bars should carry an appropriate sign, i.e. ‘Push to open’, and should only be fitted to doors that open outwards. They are suitable for both single leaf and double leaf, rebated / non-rebated doors.


Emergency Pads (also called Push Pads)

Push pads are similar to push bars but feature a small pad as opposed to a horizontal bar. They are designed for single doors and should only be used where a panic situation is unlikely to arise in an emergency evacuation scenario, e.g. by members of staff familiar with the building and not members of the general public.

This type of device should also be accompanied by an additional sign adjacent to the push pad indicating the method of operation. External access devices can also be fitted to allow an authorised override from outside the building.