Glass Rooflight Types

A rooflight is a glazed unit installed on a pitched or flat roof normally to give more light to rooms or spaces within the home.

Rooflight and skylight are same meaning. 

Rooflights come in a huge range of designs and styles, and as well as providing natural light, they’re also often used for ventilation or access. 


Flat rooflight 

Flat glass rooflights are one of the most popular flat roof windows on the market.



Contemporary roof lanterns consist of glazing pieces separated by aluminium trims that meet in the middle to form a pitch.


Walk-on rooflights 

Walk-on rooflights are typically used on roof terraces with decking and are designed to be flush with the surrounding flooring, and can be walked on as if they were part of the floor. They are used in domestic applications such as Balconies in single family dwelling, communal areas in blocks of flats and commercial applications such as commercial shopping centres. 

The outer glass pane of walk-on rooflights should always be both toughened and laminated. It should be specifically designed for the pane size and method of support. The minimum glass thickness of walk-on rooflight is depending on the size. 

Structural floor loadings for walk on glass rooflights are stated as Uniform Distributed Load (UDL) and Concentrated Load. The minimum UDL requirement 1.5 kNm/2, Concentrated 2.0 kN