New And Improved Features For Reynaers Hi-Finity Sliding Doors

The market-leading supplier of aluminium solutions, Reynaers has announced new features for its Hi-Finity sliding door range. Aiming to offer homeowners and architectures more choices than ever before Reynaers introduced two new key features for its Hi-Finity patio door ranges: a new manual lock system and a new size and weight. 

Providing a light, sleek and elegant appearance, Reynaers Hi-Finity patio doors are high-end products that allow large transparent walls at residential or commercial buildings. Reynaers Hi-Finity door range was launched first in 2013 and now it is one of the market leading high-end sliding doors in the world.

Manual locking system 

Hi-finity patio doors range currently has an automatic locking mechanism and it can be operated by a simple push of a button or the remote control. As an addition to the popular automatic locking option,  Reynaers has added a manual lock system as a third option. The manual lock means that an electrician is not required on site during installation.

A new motor solution for large glass surfaces 

Triple glazing is being popular, so larger panes with triple glass results in heavy glass panels in sliding elements. To address this, Reynaers launched a new, stronger motor in 2016 to drive the full glass Hi-Finity sliding system conveniently and safely. Thanks to this new motorised solution, Hi-Finity door range allows a sliding panel of 750 kg and a fixed panel weight of 1200kg. This improved feature allows a vent height of up to 3.5 metres. This enables homeowners and architects to opt for specialist window solutions, such as acoustic glass, to suit a variety of individual requirements.

Security level of Hi-Finity 

Architects and homeowners can rest assured when it comes to security. Because Hi-Finity offers a strong anti-burglar system and guarantees a high level of security. The locking mechanism is discreetly located making it virtually tamperproof. Hi-Finity has obtained an RC2 burglary classification.  The electric locking and unlocking is realized by a robust bolt and hook, operated by a simple push on the button or the remote control. . 

Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors range is one of the first slimline sliding doors of its type to offer the PAS 24:2016 security standard.  The test covers the automatic locking system, so it is ideal for those projects where security is paramount.