Reynaers Aluminium Finish Types

The surface finish of your windows does not only have an aesthetic value, it also provides extra protection for the aluminium.

Reynaers can provide the interior and exterior of your aluminium profiles in almost any colour you can imagine. Over 450 different shades and finishes are available: metallic or anodised, matt or gloss RAL-colours, wood effect or even a special low maintenance and scratch resistant Coatex finish. 

polyester powder coat colours and anodized finishes.


Surface treatments for aluminium profiles: 

  1. Powder coating
  2. Coatex finish; it’s lightly textured and has a contemporary, metallic look.
  3. Anodizing:  
  4. Wood-effect: 

Powder coating

Usually chosen for exterior applications because of its good weathering resistance, powder coating is a factory process for applying a paint film to metal surfaces. Similar to anodizing, powder coating is highly resistant against UV radiation and protects against corrosion. With endless color and shade possibilities, UV-resistant powder coating provides a durable surface treatment to reduce maintenance. 


The anodisation is an electrochemical surface treatment that is a process of increasing the natural oxide layer formed on the aluminium surface when it comes in contact with oxygen. The oxide layer makes the aluminium surface more durable. The thicker the anodising layer, the more the aluminium will resist corrosion. For outdoor exposure a 25-micron anodising layer is usually recommended.

In the process of anodisation, the “metallic aspect” of the profiles remains visible. In order to optimize the aesthetic value of the anodisation coat, this may be performed in a range of different colours. 

The most common anodising colour for exterior joinery is a natural colour of anodised grey, also called ‘natural anodised’. There is no difference in quality between coating and anodising. The only subtle different is aesthetic. When coating, the surface area of the aluminium is covered with a coating, whereas with anodising, the original structure of the aluminium is preserved. Please note! There may be minimal colour differences per batch treated with the same colour


Coatex, the structure lacquer from Reynaers Aluminium, has an especially attractive appearance and offers higher scratch resistance than traditional lacquers. Official tests show that Coatex is up to 65% more scratch-resistant than standard powder lacquer. Furthermore Coatex only requires half as the maintenance of traditional paint.


Popular Colours 

  • RAL 7016, Anthracite Grey
  • RAL 90


gloss, semi-gloss or matt finishes

We have developed an exclusive range of Italian-designed handles called Purity. This suite of handles can be used across
our range of windows, doors, sliding patio doors and bi-fold doors, giving consistency of colour and style in every room.
Made from a new alloy that offers extreme resistance to corrosion and coated using a new production process called
BIOV (Bioecologic Ion Overlay), these highly durable handles are available in a range of eight different colours.
There are also literally hundreds of finishes to choose from: a huge range of RAL colours in a choice of gloss or matt
finish, metallic colours, textured metallic Coatex finishes, wood-grain finishes and anodised options too. Of course, you
can also have a different colour inside and out.