Reynaers Aluminium’s AVALON Virtual Reality (VR) Room



Reynaers Aluminium has a unique virtual reality room, AVALON, where they invite architects, investors, project developers and contractors to be immersed in their building project to evaluate and discuss the design.


 architects, investors, and builders who see windows at not just panes of glass but as design elements that provide a particular mood, style, or feel.


The models displayed in AVALON can be imported from a variety of formats—SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, and 3ds Max—giving architects the freedom to create in the application of their choice. The AVALON team uses the Datasmith plugin in Unreal Studio to import the files to Unreal Engine.


Let your customers design it their way

The visual models allow the architects and the developers to make decisions during their visit in the AVALON VR room at Reynaers Aluminium in Duffel, before the project is built.