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Reynaers CP 130 is a highly insulated lift-slide system, which meets the highest requirements with regard to insulation, stability and safety. This premium versatile system is suitable for most residential and commercial applications.

Designed for large glass surfaces with minimal visible elements, Reynaers CP 130 sliding doors meet the most stringent insulation, stability and safety requirements. 

Lift&Slide Patio Door

  • Reynaers CP 130 door system offers two sliding mechanism: in-line (standard) sliding and high performing lift&slide mechanism. 
  • As turning the handle downwards, the lift&slide mechanism lifts the door panels slightly up from the bottom rail and enables the panel slid smoothly along the length of track. When the door is closed position, this mechanism provides additional air and water tightness due to the compression seals that are engaged.

Maximum Sizes for CP 130 Sliding Doors

  • Reynaers CP 130 system support very large and stable sliding glass doors with a maximum vent weight of 300 kg and a maximum height of 2.7 m. Such large sliding panes of glass creates remarkable panoramic views and let more natural light to enter your rooms.

CP 130 Opening Configuration

Reynaers CP 130 sliding door is available as a single-, double- or triple-track system with the following configurations. 

  • Monorail opening options: XQ, XQX, QXXQ, QXQ
  • 2-rail opening options: XQ, XX, XQX, QXQ, QXXQ, XXXX
  • 3-rail opening options: XXX, XXQ

CP 130 Threshold Solutions

  • CP 130 standard threshold provides weather rating performance in terms of water/air-tightness and wind-resistance. 
  • Low threshold option offers a flat transition between inside and outside. The low threshold option is ideal especially in commercial buildings. It is also suitable residentially where accessibility is part of the design or required.
  • Being applied only to CP 130 pocket solutions, the zero threshold provide an easy and unobstructed access so the floor finishing can continue.

CP 130 Corner and Pocket Solutions

  • A special corner solution makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element. creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • CP 130 pocket system is a modular system that enables all vents to slide into the wall. The pocket solution is available for the lift&slide systems in duo rail, 3-rail or up to 8-rail compositions. 

Finish&Colour Options

  • A full range of powder coated RAL colour options are available with a choice of gloss or matt finish.
  • Coatex finishes and anodised options are also available.

Thermal and Comfort Performance

  • Greate thermal performance (All over U-value is depending on the frame/vent combination and the glass U-value).
  • Air tightness max. test pressure: Class 4 (600 Pa),
  • Wind load resistance: Class C3,
  • Water tightness: Class 9A (Up to 600Pa),

Safety and Security 

  • Reynaers CP 130 can comply with burglar resistance class 2 (RC 2), offering a safe and secure solution. 

Glazing Details

  • Maximum glass thickness is 43 mm. 
  • Double and triple glass options are available
  • The standard specifications of glazed units are toughened, argon gas filled cavity, low-emmisivity coatings, warm edge spacers.

10 Years Guarantee

  • We offer a 10-years guarantee on all sliding door systems, as well as a five-years guarantee on all door accessories.
  • For more information about guarantee, please contact us. 

Get a Quote

  • If you are interested in Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors for your residential or commercial project, please send us your project detail by email or fill out our on the contact page.
  • If you are an architect and would like to specify aluminium windows for your project, we would be pleased to provide you more details about Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors.
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