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Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors offer a ultra-slim design and provide large transparent surfaces views with a light, sleek and elegant appearance. The door frames disappear behind ceiling, floors and side walls.

The innovative design of Hi-Finity is characterized by minimal visible sight lines and infinite views. Floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces seamlessly fade away the surface between interior and exterior environments creating the ultimate minimalistic appearance.

Hi-Finity Profile Specifications

  • The interlock between the door panel is Visible width meeting section: 35mm
  • Panel profiles are structurally bonded to glass units

Hi-Finity Maximum Door Size

  • Maximum panel height: 3500 mm
  • Maximum panel weight for a manual opening: 320 kg
  • Maximum panel weight for a motorized opening: 750 kg
  • Maximum weight for a fixed panel: 1200 kg

Opening Configurations for Reynaers Hi-Finity 

  • Duo-rail opening options: XQ, XX, XQX, QXXQ (Central closing)
  • 3-rail opening options: XXQ,
  • Fixed corner solution: Two aluminium fixed door panels meet at the corner. 
  • Open corner solution: Two opening door leafs meets at the corner without a fixed corner post. When the sliding door is open, the corner is entirely free to experience a full spectrum of naturalistic views. 

Colour options

  • Powder coated (PPC) in one of 250+ RAL colours.

Glazing options

  • Maximum glass thickness: 54mm
  • Double glass option (HFP 147)
  • Triple glass option (HFP 179)

Thermal Performance

  • All over U-value of the door downs to 1.0 W/m2K (depending on frame, vent and glass combinations)
  • Hi-Finity doors have been awarded the coveted Swiss Minergie accreditation for thermal efficiency

Accoustic Performance

  • Rw(C;Ctr) = 43 (-1;-3) dB

Hardware and accessories

  • Integrated drainage: The door can be installed with or without a gutter (drainage)
  • Locking machanism: All Hi-Finity doors incorporate an electronic locking system that is concealed in the top frame profile and is operated via either a wall-mounted push button or a remote control.
  • Integrated motor: It is concealed in the top frame profile.  A concealed motor unlocks and opens the vents with a single push on a button.
  • Hi-Finity’s handle:  It is designed for a a slim and streamlined look.  In the closed position, the handle blends into the wall, having a minimal visual impact whilst being extremely functional.

Safety and Security

  • Hi-Finity doors comply with security standard of RC2 and PAS 24:2016
  • The locking mechanism is stashed away behind the wall on top of the door, making it difficult for burglars to tamper with. 

Get a Quote

  • If you are interested in Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors for your residential or commercial project, please send us your project detail by email or fill out our on the contact page.
  • If you are an architect and would like to specify aluminium windows for your project, we would be pleased to provide you more details about Reynaers Hi-Finity sliding doors.
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