Reynaers MasterLine 8 Panel Front Doors

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MasterLine 8 panel doors are designed to meet the modern comfort requirements. The excellent air tightness and superb thermal performances are proven by the Passive Housing certificate that has been awarded to these panel doors. MasterLine 8 panel doors allow the creation of large entrance doors that are available as inward and outward doors, with a freedom of design for large panels.

Profile Specifications

  • Visible width frame ( inward opening): 68.5mm
  • Visible width frame (outward opening): 42.5mm
  • Overall system depth frame or vent: 77 mm
  • Omega-shaped fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips  

Maximum Sizes for MasterLine 8 Panel Doors

  • Maximum vent height: 3000 mm
  • Maximum width for vents: 1400 mm
  • Maximum weight for vents: 250 kg

Opening configuration for MasterLine 8 Panel Doors

  • Inward opening single or double door
  • Outward opening single or double door

Colour Options

  • Powder coated in one of 250+ RAL colours.

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is 63 mm
  • Double glass options: 4/20/4 or 6/16/6
  • Triple glass options: 4/12/4/12/4 or 6/16/6/16/6
  • Glazing method: Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  

Thermal insulation

  • Thermal insulation (Uf) for MasterLine Panel Door HI+ (Passive Door): 1,4 W/m²K
  • Overall window thermal performance is depending on the frame/vent combination and the glass specifications.

Comfort Performance of MasterLine 8 Doors

  • Air tightness: Class 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightness: Class 7A (300 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class 3 (1200 Pa)
  • Burglar Resistance: RC2, RC3

MasterLine 8 Doors Hardware options 

  • Flat bar handles (Inline T-bars, rectangular T-bars, curved T-bars, and other styles)
  • Rounded bar handles (Inline T-bars, D-bars and other styles)
  • Standard lever handle options 
  • Multi-point locks options
  • Standard hinges or concealed hinge options

Integration with other systems

Reynaers’ MasterLine 8 doors can be integrated into other Reynaers’ systems such as the CP130 and CP155 sliding door range, the new glass balustrade and the CW50 curtain walling.

Supply and Fit

  • We provide full installation services for all Reynaers systems.
  • We deliver Reynaers Masterline 8 panel doors direct to your home or project site in crates and ready to fit.
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