Reynaers SlimLine 38 Aluminium Doors

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Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors are well-insulated aluminium door system that opens both inward and outwards.

With Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors system, we can manufacture any type of door system that meets your residential or commercial project requirements. 

Reynaers SL 38 Profile Specifications

  • Inward and outward opening
  • Overall system depth (frame): 99mm
  • Overall system depth (vent): 86mm

Reynaers SL 38 Window Maximum Sizes 

  • Maximum sizes for a vent of single door (WxH): 1250mm x 2500mm
  • Maximum sizes for a vent of double door (WxH): 1250mm x 2400mm

SL 38 Windows Style Options 

Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors are available in two different design variants:

  • Classic: A slender steel look
  • Cubic: A cubistic look and feel

All variants are ideally suited for modern architecture and renovation of steel-framed windows and doors. With different profile design options, Reynaers SlimLine 38 doors can be easily adapted to different building styles while retaining its architectural character.

Opening Types

  • Inward opening: single or double door 
  • Outward opening: single or double door 

Colour and Finish Options

  • Reynaers SL 38 windows are available with a wide range powder coating RAL colours. Most popular options are RAL9005, RAL7021, RAL7016, RAL9010, RAL9001 and RAL7039
  • A range of anodised finishes are also available. 

Thermal performance

  • Uf value down to 1,9 W/m²K for a standard door section (All over Ud value is depending on frame, vent and glass combinations.)
  • High Insulation Variant (HI) is available

Weather performance

  • Air tightness: Class 3 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightness: 4A (150 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance: Class C4 (13 00 Pa)

Safety and Security 

  • Complying with PAS 24
  • Multi-point locking mechanism 
  • Comply with burglar resistance class of RC2

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is up to 55 mm for all styles
  • Double and triple glass options are available

Acoustic performance

  • Depending on glass specifications, Rw is between 38 dB and  45 dB
  • Contact with us for further information about acoustic peformance

Accessories for Reynaers SL 38 

  • Bottom profile options: Brush drop seal, double weather seal threshold, threshold for balcony doors
  • A wide range of handles, locks and hinges
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