Reynaers SlimLine 38 Aluminium Windows

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SL 38 is a well-insulated aluminium window and door system that opens both inward and outwards. This steel looking door is perfect for both modern architecture and the changing of old steel-frames, keeping the same look yet dramatically improving thermal performance.

Reynaers SL 38 Profile Specifications

  • Minimum visible width for frame (inward opening): 33.5 mm
  • Minimum visible width for vent (inward opening): 21.5 - 23 mm
  • Minimum visible width for frame (outward opening): 18.5 - 29 mm
  • Minimum visible width for vent (outward opening): 60.5 mm
  • Overall frame depth: Classic-99mm, Cubic-76mm, Ferro-76mm
  • Rebeight height: Classic-13.5mm, Cubic-13.5mm, Ferro-13.5mm

Reynaers SL 38 Window Maximum Sizes 

  • Maximum vent width: 1600 mm
  • Maximum vent height: 2200 mm
  • Maximum weight of element: 170 kg

Opening Configuration for Reynaers SL 38 Windows

  • Fixed and fixed round 
  • Inward opening : Side-hung, tilt&turn, turn&tilt, double casement, combined elements,
  • Outward opening: Side-hung, top-hung

SL 38 Windows Style Options 

Reynaers SlimLine 38 windows are available in three different style options:

  • Classic 
  • Ferro 
  • Cubic 

Finish Options

  • Reynaers SL 38 windows are available with a wide range powder coating RAL colours.
  • A range of anodised finishes are also available. 

Glazing Options

  • Maximum glass thickness is 55 mm for all styles
  • Double glazed options is available
  • Triple glazed options is available
  • Glazing method: Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones

Thermal and Comfort Performance

  • Uf value down to 1.7 (W/m²K) (All over Uw-value is depending on the frame/vent combination and the glass thickness).
  • Uf of less than 1.4 (W/m²K) for a standard window section
  • HI available for all variants (Classic, Cubic and Ferro)
  • Air tightness max. test pressure 4 (600 Pa)
  • Water tightness 9A (600 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance C4 (1600 Pa)
  • Acoustic performance 38 - 45 dB (depending on glazing type)

Accessories for Reynaers SL 38 

  • Different cill options are available 
  • A wide range of handles, locks and hinges
  • Ventilation vents

Guarantee for Reynaers SL 38 Windows 

  • We provide 10 years manufacturing guarantee for Slimline 38 window systems.
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