Reynaners Bifold Doors Threshold Solutions

A threshold is the sloped cross piece that extends across the bottom of your door area. It slightly raised to keep water from flowing in and often is fitted with a piece of weather stripping to help insulate the area underneath your door.

Reynaers bifold doors come with a choice of four different threshold heights, so your doors can be specified to meet your needs. This means a Reynaers bifolding door can accommodate all types of floor finishes and customer requirements.

The CF 68 is available with four different threshold options:

  • Flush Threshold: 0-15mm,
  • Low Threshold: 9-30mm,
  • Double Weather Seal: 23-44mm,
  • High Performance: 23-74mm.

With these options, you will be able to select the access option that best suits your needs in terms of comfort and ease of access.

Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage.

Double weather seal threshold (Standard threshold)

This threshold version is most common used in the UK in residential buildings. So that it is known as standard threshold. The double weather-seal solution combines good weather resistance with a lower threshold.

Low threshold

The low threshold option can be set into the floor to meet the requirements of building regulations.

Flush threshold

A flush threshold, whereby there is a continuous floor with no step between inside and outside, gives the smoothest appearance. However, flush thresholds are not the best at keeping out the wind and rain. The flat bottom solution allows easy passage with no step at all, but this is at the expense of weather-proofing.

High performance threshold

The High Performance option offers the best air, wind and water performance but has the highest threshold step.

Comparing threshold solutions